Comic Art

Ever since kindergarten, cartoons and comics have always had a strong influence on my artwork. Below are a number of links to published and unpublished projects, as well as a gallery of select artwork from my archives.

Cougar Pride: In high school, I had the privilege of sharing a monthly comic strip called Cougar Pride, which featured our mascot animal and ran from Fall 2002 to Spring 2004 in the Communique, the Cresskill High School newspaper. Click here or the image link above to read a selection from these very early publications.

Dodging Bullets: At Gettysburg College, I participated in publishing a weekly comic strip titled Dodging Bullets, which featured a slightly more controversial mascot, the Gettysburg bullet. The strip ran from October 2007 to May 2008 in our college’s newspaper, The Gettysburgian. Click here or on the image link above to read a selection of these strips.

Todd & Bhu Conquer Cell Biology: While at Gettysburg College, I spent plenty of time studying the biological sciences, one class being cell biology. In the years spanning 2007-2010, I worked on this graphic novel in my spare time. Eventually, it played a major role in my Masters thesis at the University of Illinois at Chicago, garnering an Award of Merit from the Association of Medical Illustrators in 2010 and a publication in the Science Educator Journal in 2012. Click here to read more about the research surrounding the project, or click here or on the image link above for an overview of the narrative and associated artwork.

Picture Book Rejects: This strange, somewhat edgier set of cartoons was posted online on a popular comic-sharing website around the same time as the Dodging Bullets strip was created, between 2007-2008. To view a small selection, click here or on the image link above…I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I made some of these.

Human Anatomy Cookbook: As a novelty cookbook, this weird little joke of an idea was a product of dissecting cadavers during our studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. To view a description of the book and some cartoons from the text, click here or on the image link above.

Assorted Gallery: This gallery features additional comic, caricature, and cartoon artwork generated over the years, some as gifts, others as commissions, and still others just for fun. Click on the link above or the image thumbnails below to open the cartoon art gallery.